Rebecca Zoll Receives Special Resilience Award



Lake Ozark, MO  (June 10, 2015) – Rebecca Zoll, Executive Director, North County Inc. Regional Development Association (NCI) received special recognition from the  Missouri Economic Development Council (MEDC) with the 2015 Resilience Award.. This prestigious award was presented to Ms. Zoll and North County Inc. for the significant and unique contributions made by that organization over the past year.  Zoll was recognized at the MEDC Annual Conference on June 10 at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Nominated for this award by the City of Hazelwood, Ms. Zoll and NCI were recognized for their efforts in providing economic development to a struggling community in the face of widespread chaos.  “NCI has supported the North County community for nearly 40 years, this is a situation in which there was no existing organization “on the ground” that could provide immediate support.  NCI took this role upon itself.” said David Cox, Department of Economic Development, City of Hazelwood, MO.

“Rebecca Zoll mobilized her team and NCI’s Board Members to bring much-needed assistance to businesses hat struggled in the aftermath of the unrest,” stated Cox.

“Economic Development professionals pride themselves on being able to think on their feet and face challenges, but what Rebecca and NCI have done to marshal local, state and federal resources, while addressing inquiries from around the world is beyond what many of us would ever expect to be faced with.  The resilience that Rebecca has demonstrated with the support of her board is something we will be learning from for a long time, “said John Engelmann, CEcD, President of MEDC.

The Resilience Award was created this year by the Executive Committee of MEDC to recognize this unique circumstance.